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    Updating Through Terminal?

    I think this might be somewhere else, and I apologize if it is. I did some searching, but couldn't find it. I have a TS3 server running off a dedicated Linux machine and I need to know how to update the server from to through terminal. Not sure why, when I did the install, it installed that older version. Thanks in advance.

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    You update the server just like you installed it in the first place. Copy the archive with the new server files to your machine, extract it and copy the files for the new version over the old ones. Prior to all this, make a backup.

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    Detailled instructions can be found in the TeamSpeak servers installation. You will find a doc/ subdirectory which includes an "server_upgrade.txt" file.

    Quote Originally Posted by server_upgrade.txt
    TeamSpeak 3 Server :: Upgrade Guide

    Copyright (c) TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    Last Update: 2010-10-26

    (1) Introduction

    The TeamSpeak 3 Server software gets updated on a regular basis. Updates are very important fix bugs,
    patch security flaws and add new features so you should try to keep your servers up-to-date at any
    time. During our OPEN BETA we have added several features to improve the update process.

    (2) How do I upgrade the TeamSpeak 3 Server?

    Actually, updating a server is very easy. Just download the latest TeamSpeak 3 Server release from
    our downloads page and overwrite all existing files in your servers installation folder with the
    new versions from the download package.

    Example for Windows 32-Bit:

    a) Navigate your webbrowser to
    b) Unzip the download package "teamspeak3-server_win32-<VERSION>.zip" to a directory of your
    c) Shutdown your running TeamSpeak 3 Server instance
    d) Select and copy all files from the newly generated directory "teamspeak3-server_win32" into
    your existing server installation directory
    e) Start your TeamSpeak 3 Server instance
    f) Use the TeamSpeak 3 Client to connect to a virtual server running in your TeamSpeak 3 Server
    instance and click the server name to verify that your server has been updated successfully

    (3) How can I make sure that my permission system is upgraded properly?

    If you were using a version of the TeamSpeak 3 Server prior to 3.0.0-beta22, you had to update your
    database manually in order to apply updates to the permission system. Depending on the number of
    virtual servers running you're running, this was a time consuming task. With version 3.0.0-beta22,
    we've added a new special permission called "i_group_auto_update_type". Whenever the permission
    system gets updated, the server will automatically try to assign the new permissions to your existing

    If you want to check if your permission system was updated automatically, simply open the latest
    server logfile and search for an entry similar to this line:

    2010-10-26 13:37:00.123456|INFO |SQL | | updated permissions to version <VERSION>

    Fresh installations of the server already have the correct values for this permission assigned. If
    your database is based on an older release, it is very important that you assign the permission to
    both your template and regular server groups on all existing virtual servers.

    (4) I'm using the same database for multiple server instances. Is there anything I need to know
    before I update?

    Yes. The database contains a table called "instance_properties" which stores all settings for
    each server instance. Since 3.0.0-beta30 this table includes an additional column called
    "string_id". The value of this column represents the machine_id of the existing virtual servers
    associated with the server instance. If you update your server instances it's important that
    you start each of them one by one in order to have the permission system settings of all virtual
    servers updated properly. Please wait until the server startup process is finished and verify
    that everything is working as expected before you start the next server instance.

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