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    Re-designing Permissions


    I own a large TeamSpeak 3 server and I am looking at re-designing permissions across the board to help with the security and overall integrity... The previous owner setup all permissions via Server Groups, I am looking into specifying members to Channel Group permissions instead of having global permissions.

    I have run into a fair bit of confusion/trouble in the process (lack of knowledge) and I would like to know if someone with the required knowledge could possibly come and help me with my server?

    It's been driving me insane and it's something that needs to be applied asap. Does anyone sell their services?
    I'd be more than happy to pay someone to help me get this 100% correct.

    ~T Man

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    I can take a look at what you want and then i can say if i will do it for you. PM me with your IP if you want.

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