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    SRV Record problems. What are the TCP & UDP ports?

    I want to setup a SRV record that points to my TeamSpeak 3 server running on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.

    I have searched for several hours with no luck. There are plenty of guides saying different thing and telling each other are wrong.

    I want the final result to be that lets me connect to my Teamspeak server. I used to have a A record just pointing to my server IP, but due to DDoS attacks, I am forced to move over to SRV.

    As of now I have this in my DNS control panel: 1 hour SRV 0 5 10011 1 hour SRV 0 5 9987

    These are pointed towards a domain that again points to my IP setup by a provider after the resent DDoS attacks. I can connect to the TS3 server by using the domain setup by the provider, so I guess the ports I have added into the DNS control panel are wrong. I am unable to find the wanted ports as several guides giving different ports.

    The install is a fresh install from the TeamSpeak 3 website. No system files has been changed.

    What ports do I add as tcp and udp?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I changed the ports as shown above and it worked!
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    can you explain more ?
    its exactly my problem too
    you just set this thing up on your dns managment and thats it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joorabeban View Post
    you just set this thing up on your dns managment and thats it?
    Yes. Correct record setup is the key.

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