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    Virtual Server is not running, but we are connected?


    I hava only one virtual server, with the ID 1 and the standard port. Yesterday everything was okay (its a new server since yesterday).
    I have Server Query Admin rights and edited the rights of the other admins this way. At the end of the day I shut down the server. As I started the server and connected to the server today first the Icon of it was away. But I had another problem. As yesterday I could open the Query and login, but when I typed use sid=1 it said, that the server was not running. At the same time I was connected to it with the client, and my friends too. I typed serverlist and it gave me back the server with its matching properties, but said the status was offline.
    So I tryed serverstart sid=1, but the result was, that it couldn't bind the port. I restarted the whole TS3-server-software, but without any changes.
    Then I looked for the rights in the client and I saw, that I still have all rights. I even could give away rights to other clients via clicking on them with the right mouse button.

    What could THAT be, and can I solve it without setting a new server up?


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    You probably connected to another instances query interface while your client connected to the correct virtual server.
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