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    [SUGGESTION] Moving groups in the list of the server or channel groups

    Tip simple, I would be able to move groups within the group list.

    Moving directly by selecting and holding and moving up or down. (Like we have the possibility to move rooms, allowed by permission: b_channel_modify_parent)
    It would be great, move a group up or down without change permission: i_group_sort_id

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    Could be nice yes and it should set "i_group_sort_id" automatically then, but dont know if the permissions windows allows drag&drop.

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    While it would be nice I see little value in putting the effort into working on adding a feature for an area of the system with very limited use when the sort permission already gives the desired result. A well planned permission system will only really need work when first setup and the occasional update.

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    I agree with screech on this one.
    This value influences two things actually.
    One as you mentioned is how groups are listed in what order.
    But if you use icon for each group you might want to do some random order to get icons aligned in nice way.

    Either way most basic servers will either have someone with competence for these special effects others know nothing about, or they will not need it(which will be like 3/4 of all ts3 servers).

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    Forgive me, but that has to do group icon with the same hierarchy?
    I mean the movement of groups only dragging up and down, not changing the permission: sort id
    So how can drag rooms only holding and dragging, I would be much more practical and modern, hold and drag a group.
    This serveria condition only for advanced people
    Convenience is the best way out.
    If we can shorten the time holding and dragging, I see no reason to simply change a permission.
    Now, not programmers, lack the capacity to think about how to do this function. Ai is no longer with me!
    I gave a suggestion in the sense of modernity.
    Aiming the near future, where there will be the teamspeak 4.
    If you think small, use raid call

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