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    How to Close TeamSpeak Server?

    Hi guys, just set up my own TeamSpeak server. However I'm wondering, how the buggery do I close it without going to Task Manager?

    I use Ventrilo, and the server program for that runs in a console window. When you close the console, the server closes.

    With TeamSpeak, I can't tell if it's running or close it unless I go to the task manager. I'd rather just have some kind of window up that auto closes the server when I shut it, is that possible?

    Tried googling but couldn't find much. And the Search box doesn't seem to let me type on here.
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    It has a tray icon. It's red, compared to the green icon of the client.

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    Ahh I'm a tard! Apologies about that.

    It was auto-hidden. Never thought to look there heh.

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