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    Teamspeak momentarily freezes PC please help

    Ok, so this has been an ongoing issue for about a two months or so.

    My system is momentary freezing when TS is running and I start any program, game, or web browser.
    The freezes are usually between 30 to 90 seconds in length.

    I usually have some sort of audio in the background running. The audio in the background does not freeze, lag, or stutter when this is happening. Audio is typically Teamspeak(I can still talk to, and hear people), VLC media player(music), or a game.

    The mouse, keyboard, and/or game controller are all unresponsive during this time. Ctrl+Alt+Delete does nothing until the freeze has released my system. Can not move around in the game altho can still hear friends moving around me.

    So in short when I have TS running and open Chrome, Freeze. New tab in chrome, freeze. Alt+tab out of game/program, freeze. Alt+tab back into game/program, freeze.

    I have checked and updated all drivers.

    I have changed video cards, but that has not affected this problem. Changed from an SLI setup to a single card.

    Dxdiag is attached.

    My system is;
    CPU: I7-3770K
    Motherboard: MSI Z77 MPower
    RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX Beast
    Video: Now EVGA 970 SSO, Was two 660 TI FTW Signature 2
    OS: Win 7 64bit
    HDD/SSD: OS is on a Raid0 with two WD Velociraptor 250GB, Seagate 3TB for mass storage, and games are on a OCZ Vector 128GB SSD
    Audio: I use the onboard audio, with the Astro A40 with mixamp
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    Ok, after uninstalling lots of drivers/programs over the last few days I have found the culprit!

    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology, after uninstalling this TS has had zero problems. I have reinstalled all of the other drivers/programs back to my system and everything is running smooth.

    The Intel RST driver was improperly installed and was causing all my issues. I will try to reinstall it and I will let everybody know what happens.

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    OK everyone, just say no to Intel Rapid Storage Technology!

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    I do use this on my laptop and PC and do not have any problem.

    But we are glad you have solved it.
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