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    servergroupautodelperm is not working

    servergroupautodelperm sgtype=45 permsid=b_virtualserver_modify_ft_quotas|permsid=b _virtualserver_modify_hostbutton

    That command modify all virtual servers that already exists, but when i create a new server i have to del those permissions in the new virtual server.

    Reading this:

    Please note that while executing the above commands successfully will prevent server administrators in the default configuration from messing with the slot count on all existing and any new servers on the instance
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    Read documentation: Removes a set of specified permissions to *ALL* regular server groups on all virtual servers.

    And that's what is does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    Read documentation: Removes a set of specified permissions to *ALL* regular server groups on all virtual servers.

    And that's what is does.
    Please read documentation. You'll find that it says that this command also modifies the template but it's not working. I had to edit the database to solve this.

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    The documentation does not use template in any words.
    Targets are regular groups (Not Query and not Template groups) with matching value in permission i_group_auto_update_type

    help servergroupautodelperm
    Usage: servergroupautodelperm sgtype={type} permid={permID}|permid={permID}|...
           servergroupautodelperm sgtype={type} permsid={permName}|...
    Removes a set of specified permissions from ALL regular server groups on all
    virtual servers. The target groups will be identified by the value of their
    i_group_auto_update_type permission specified with sgtype. Multiple permissions
    can be removed at once. A permission can be specified by permid or permsid.
    The known values for sgtype are:
     10: Channel Guest
     15: Server Guest
     20: Query Guest
     25: Channel Voice
     30: Server Normal
     35: Channel Operator
     40: Channel Admin
     45: Server Admin
     50: Query Admin
       servergroupautodelperm sgtype=45 permid=8470|permid=8475
       error id=0 msg=ok
       servergroupautodelperm sgtype=45 permsid=b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients
       error id=0 msg=ok
    error id=0 msg=ok

    You did modify the database -> Your support ends here
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