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    Changing spoken langage for text to speech


    I am looking for a way to change the language of the text to speech.
    In my research on this problem, i figured there is two types of TTS packs on internet :
    1st kind : changing the text that is read (the real "text to speech" if i may, because it really reads something.)
    2nd kind : using a set of sounds.

    what i'm interested in is the first kind : where you can have the "$clientname joined your channel"

    The situation is : i have a french voice reading this, i want an english voice reading this.

    (french voice reading english is quite horrible, so i already downloaded a french TTS pack, but still ... i prefer the english one and i'm sure this will be helpful to someone else)

    I found that this is supposed to be related with the default Windows text to speech feature.
    (I am on windows 10 preview, which is quite like windows 8)
    I tried switching between french and english "Narrator" as windows call it, but couldn't have any result.

    Thank you for your help and my sincere apologies if a topic explaining this exists !
    If you need some more information, please ask.

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    Ok, no need to answer this, i just found the answer, i'll explain this in next post...

    So, for those who are as dumb as me :

    the voice reading everything in teamspeak is (indeed) the windows Narrator voice. since windows 8, there is two places to change it : The windows 8 option menu, and the old configuration panel.
    The windows 8 won't change anything ! (or maybe until you restart so well ..)
    You have to go to the Configuration pannel.
    For those who can't find it quickly : in the windows menu, dispaly all application, find the folder "windows system" (système windows in french)
    in the configuration pannel, choose "speech recognition" (reconnaissance vocale in french).
    then, on the left part of then window, you will have a link to "advanced vocal opotion" (option vocales avancées).
    finally, go to "vocal sythetizer" (sythèse vocale) and at last, change the language and choose a voice for the TTS !

    If needed, you can install other windows voices ....

    If any of my translations for the windows menu are wrong, don't hesitate to reply so that anybody can easily change this voice !
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    Mate, I registered explicitly to tell you THANK YOU! I finally upgraded to Windows 10 and yes, it uses this option! I have custom voice lines for the Text to Speech in TS3 and I thought it was the Narrator voice, but it didn't work. It was indeed the Speech Recognition option!

    Speech Recognition is in the Control Panel > Ease of Access section in Windows 10. You can search for it in the Control Panel in the top right. Advanced speech options is still in the top left underneath to "Control Panel home". This opens the "Speech properties" screen - click the Text to Speech tab and pick a voice in the dropdown there! I only have three - David, Hazel and Zira.

    Tested on Windows 10 May 2019 update.

    Thanks again dude, this bugged me for ages!!! Very much appreciated!!!

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