I am looking for a way to change the language of the text to speech.
In my research on this problem, i figured there is two types of TTS packs on internet :
1st kind : changing the text that is read (the real "text to speech" if i may, because it really reads something.)
2nd kind : using a set of sounds.

what i'm interested in is the first kind : where you can have the "$clientname joined your channel"

The situation is : i have a french voice reading this, i want an english voice reading this.

(french voice reading english is quite horrible, so i already downloaded a french TTS pack, but still ... i prefer the english one and i'm sure this will be helpful to someone else)

I found that this is supposed to be related with the default Windows text to speech feature.
(I am on windows 10 preview, which is quite like windows 8)
I tried switching between french and english "Narrator" as windows call it, but couldn't have any result.

Thank you for your help and my sincere apologies if a topic explaining this exists !
If you need some more information, please ask.