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    Permission flaw found allows user to corrupt whole database

    I was banned for one year yesterday for posting this for "Spam" and I'm not certain why this was done.

    I have found a flaw that allows a user to not only crash an instance, but a whole database. We have found the crash to not be recoverable and would cause the host to have to reset the whole server.

    In the SQL table groups_server, if Admin Server Query's type value is set to "1" it becomes visible in the server. If a user who has the ability to set the default server group sets it to "Admin Server Query" no permission check is in place to make sure they can set it to that level. The server will instantly crash, and ANY server hosted on that database will become corrupt.

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    0 is for template groups
    1 is for normal groups that are bound to a virtual server
    2 is for query groups

    But we do not give any support for

    1. modifying the database which is the case in your report.
    2. giving yourself the group ServerQuery Admin.

    the error message is ok. This is no bug.
    2015-02-17 08:08:05.359217|CRITICAL|PermGroupMgr | 1| Unknown group: 2 requested, error: invalid group ID
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    Do not modify the databse with unsupported actions.
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