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    TS3 PHP Framework Visualizations

    TS3 PHP Framework Visualization

    Visualizations for possible statistical data produced from ts3-php-framework


    Complete code for real-time visualization of TeamSpeak3 server query property retrieved using the ts3-php-framework.


    Real-time: Live, per second, stat updates from TS3 Server through ts3-php-framework and TS3 server query
    Full async: Any number of persistent WebSocket connections (browser, individual applet, other client)
    Pub-Sub: Clients can "subscribe" to the stats they want (e.g. seperate stats/sockets per client)
    Customizable: Pause graph, change update interval and stat history size
    Extendable: Only minimal complete code provided to show one stat working, many more possible.

    What's inside

    • config.php - IP/Port bind selections, user credentials, etc
    • example.css - Basic CSS for styling graph
    • index.php - Contains graph html / javascript, including WebSocket creation and "event subscription"
    • statsrv.php - Main server application handling new "publish" events and transmitting data to all "subscribers"
    • src/App/Pusher.php - Pusher class for handling pub-sub events and data.
    • push.php - Stats server, connects to TS3 server query, request stats, sends "publish events" to WebSocket
    • composer.json - Configuration file for autoloading and composer install of react, ratchet, zeromq, etc

      TeamSpeak3 PHP Framework:
      The TS3 PHP Framework is a modern use-at-will framework that provides individual components to communicate with the TeamSpeak 3 Server. Initially released in January 2010, the TS3 PHP Framework is a powerful, open source, object-oriented framework implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the GNU General Public License. It's based on simplicity and a rigorously tested agile codebase. Extend the functionality of your servers with scripts or create powerful web applications to manage all features of your TeamSpeak 3 Server instances.

    • Composer - Package manager and autoloader for required supporting libraries
    • cboden/rachet - WebSocket libraby built on React PHP framework
    • react/zmq - ZeroMQ react module, uses PHP binding through PECL extension and requires ZeroMQ install
    • ZeroMQ (ZMQ) - High-performance async messaging library for scalable distributed / concurrent aps.
    • JQuery - Delicious.
    • Flot - JavaScript library for working with graphs
    • Autobahn - JavaScript library implementing WAMP on top of WebSocket providing async remote calls / pub-sub

    More visualizations options are forthcoming, but I'm also building this out for another front-end control panel, so my time is divided.

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions, forks/pull-requests encouraged!

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    Great job!


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    Thanks! Any suggestions of other visualizations would be great.

    I think the next step is to make it modular (as far as adding/"building" new visualizations, maybe a class?)

    Also, any suggestions on stats to visualize or types of visualizations?

    On my other project I've had stat recordings going on the second for a couple months now, seems pretty stable.
    One idea I had was a "geographical" heat map of channel activity, maybe even as simple as a vertical bar graph with each channel (or parent chan based on a "maxdepth" param) having it's own bar to show channel activity over a decay period of 24 hours or something.

    So any suggestions on the direction to go with this or what might be most useful to people would be great. I don't have much in the way of case studies or what TS owners might want... I only have a small pool of exposure for this. Thanks!

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