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    Getting client list right after a new server connection

    Hi !

    When connecting to a teamspeak server with the client, I receive in my plugin the event ts3plugin_onConnectStatusChangeEvent().
    According to the doc, when the status received is STATUS_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED, channels and clients are available. However, when I call getClientList() in that callback when this status is set, I only get clients in my current channel, not those visible on the entire server, which is what the function is meant to do. The other clients i am expecting to see are in another channel and visible in the teamspeak client.
    But when i call this function afterwards (let's say after a client was moved for example), I get all the visible clients returned.

    Thank you for your help!

    i'm running the latest version, x64 build.

    Example: With this server structure:
    Main Channel
    Channel 1

    and with this code:

    void ts3plugin_onConnectStatusChangeEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, int newStatus, unsigned int errorNumber) 
    		anyID* ids;
    		int n = ts3Functions.getClientList(serverConnectionHandlerID, &ids);
    		if (n == ERROR_ok)
    			for (int i = 0; ids[i]; i++) 
    				if (ts3Functions.getClientDisplayName(serverConnectionHandlerID, ids[i], name, TS3_MAX_SIZE_CLIENT_NICKNAME_NONSDK) != ERROR_ok) 
    					strcpy(name, "unknown");
    If I connect to this server under the name Alan, I will see in the console:

    But if I run the code elsewhere (let's say when a client is moved for example) I get all three names on the console.
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