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    Customization of a Theme

    Greetings all, the issue i am having is causing me a great deal of annoyance.

    I downloaded a skin for the guild teamspeak and decided to make it look better. I downloaded a skin made by someone else and changed a couple of things, nothing major, just images etc.

    The issue i am having is that i cannot insert an image where i want it to be. In the actual Teamspeak, you have the treeview on the left, and on the right there WAS a table which would display server details etc, or user details if you clicked on a user. I deleted those variables in the .TPL file and got the text in that i wanted in.

    I now want an image in the table above my text, i have tried it with HTML and using a css tag, but the closes i have gotten is for it to show a small white rectangle instead of my image.

    <img src=""/>
    This is the code i have been using, but have also tried with HTML tags and with some added variables (height, width etc).

    This is getting so annoying, hopefully someone can help me.

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    The devs have somehow closed the QT to internal so you cant use any URL's linking to a external server. You need to download that picture put it in your skins folder and access it directly through the <img> tag.

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