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    Setting ServerQuery login credentials via ClientLib / Plugin SDK

    Originally I wanted to be able to set ServerQuery login credentials via the ClientQuery. However, this got rejected, because it could be abused by computer viruses.

    I hereby request this feature to be implemented in the ClientLib / Plugin SDK. This way, no malware can abuse this feature. The user has to add the plugin to the installation path of the TeamSpeak Client, which requires administrative rights.

    Original thread for reference.

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    Might be a security risk.

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    How exactly?

    The malware would have to get a malicous plugin into the client's installation directory, for which it will need admin rights in 99% of the cases. And tbh, if a virus already has admin rights, there are far worse things to do, than to get the ClientQuery credentials of some random client.

    But please enlighten me.

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