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    Change Channel and User color


    at first, sorry for my bad english.

    I have a question about the colors of connectet people on the teamspeakserver. Is there a way that people who are connectet do have a different color as the channels of the theme? I can change the color of the channels in the .qss file but the client have always the same color.

    I would be proud for an answer. Thanks a lot in advice...



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    This is not possible. Names in the server tree are hardcoded.
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    Changing color of members online

    Hello all . .
    Question . . is there any way to change the color of people who logged onto TS?
    What's happening is I load up these really cool skins but the background color is too dark for the "Green" ID of the members who are on line . . seems that some of the Text colors on TS are not changable by the skins . .
    That horrible Green color isnt easy to see with a dark background . . any ideas on how to change this . . .
    Thanks in advance . .
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    Ok cool . . .Ummm can they change that?? I mean if people are asking for it I think it should be an edit option . .
    Not that hard really . . just a bit of css to be edited . .

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    Colored Font or writing within TS3

    I have done a few simple searches and have tried to find the answer. Have yet come up with anything solid. Is there a way to simple change certain word fonts in your labeling of rooms or channels without having to get addons, skins, completely start over or destroy anything you have created.

    I'm looking for a simply way to differentiate the rooms in the Server.

    Any help would be appreciated and thank you for your time.

    I don't want to change the color of the text in any messages associated with the channel created or subchannel I want to change the color of the channel itself.
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