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    No one can hear me!

    Please help, downloaded TeamSpeak3 recently on my new computer, and I am playing SWTOR. Now, I had a laptop previously where everyone could hear me on TS, and was playing SWTOR as well.

    I have tampered with settings for a long time, but no one can hear me. I can hear everyone else, though.

    Using a PS4 Gold Wireless headset (I have it plugged in though with the audiojack)

    Thanks for reading, please help

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    Your problem is not anything to do with your TeamSpeak settings.
    Go to the bottom of your screen where there is a small amplifier. Right click it and go recording devices.
    You should see the first icon (called headset or mic in) has a tick next to it and is called Default Device. If this is not the case then click on it once and click Set Default.
    Next go to properties, and click the levels tab. Set the microphone boost to whatever you want (depending on how loud you want your microphone) and the Microphone to around 70-80.

    Hope this helps you to be able to talk to your friends.


    Sukpee (Computing Software Analysis Student).

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    Thanks for your information, I can't test it right now, but I will certainly get back here to tell you if this works; I haven't heard or seen anyone give this advice or tell me this information, but I think that it may just have fixed it.

    Again, thanks for posting, I will get back soon to tell you if it worked.

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    Sadly, this did not work. I went to recording devices and my default recording device says "Microphone: Wireless Stereo Headset". When I go into properties, then levels, the only option I get is to move it from 1.0 dB to 3.0 dB. There are no other sliders. Note, this is my default device.

    In playback, I have three options: 1 - Digital Display Audio (AMD High Definiteion Audio Device) says it's not plugged in. 2 - Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) this is my default device. 3 - Speakers (Wireless Stereo Headset) disabled.

    Any ideas? I have tried multiple headsets, including some Sony headphones and a pair a earbuds, but nothing. \

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