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    Thrustmaster TFlight X Hotas Push to talk issues

    Hi Am having a strange problem with my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas when trying to assign a key for push to talk.

    When i select button 4 (On the stick the left button on the top) button for Push to talk, it comes up as

    Button3 T-Flight Hotas Flight Stick #0

    In Fact all buttons on the throttle come up as button 3

    This means when i am in game any of the buttons on the throttle activate push to talk, has anyone experienced this or have a work around?

    I have tried Joy to Key to assign button 4 as INSERT (which is the other key i have set-up for push to talk, but cant get that to work.

    In windows all the button presses show up correctly. Is really bugging my clan members need a soloution to this ASAP

    Its as though TS is not recognising the different direct-x inputs, I've pretty much got no hair left now, any help/things to try would be very much appreciated.

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    Managed to fix the problem, i had the thrustmaster config app installed, i've uninstalled this and now using the windows based joystic config, seems to have fixed the issue

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