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    Clear Permissions of Group


    I'm using some groups on my TeamSpeak Server simply for the icon (for example, to indicate what games someone is playing).
    However, I created these groups as a copy of another group. Now, when I change something in the group I used to copy, I have to change it in the other groups as well, to make sure everything works as planned.

    Is there any way to completely clear the permissions of a specific group instead of deleting the group and re-creating it? Having to hand the groups out again would be a hassle as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have access to the Server Query, you could use the Auto Update type of groups to edit them all at once. Here is how you could do that:

    1) Change the value of i_group_auto_update_type of the groups you would like to mass-edit to some custom value. The predefined values are as follows:
    10: Channel Guest
    15: Server Guest
    20: Query Guest
    25: Channel Voice
    30: Server Normal
    35: Channel Operator
    40: Channel Admin
    45: Server Admin
    50: Query Admin
    Make sure not to choose any of the above to avoid editing more groups than wanted! Now you can use the "servergroupautoaddperm" Server Query command to add or edit the value of a permission, and you can use the "servergroupautodelperm" command to revoke permissions from those groups.

    Please make sure to change back the value of "i_group_auto_update_type" for all groups, or you might run into some difficulties when updating your TeamSpeak 3 Server to a newer version (permission updates would not be applied to those groups).

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