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    PTT Hotkeys not Working

    I was in a TeamSpeak channel talking when all of sudden my Push-to-Talk Hotkey stopped working. My initial conclusion, is that my Mouse 4 button stopped working, or was busted, so I reassigned my Hotkey as my Tilda Key (~).

    Still didn't's as if TeamSpeak as a whole stopped responding to any PTT hotkey I would assign.

    I have made sure my Hotkey Profile was set as Default. Made sure everything was Default. (Tried other options, didn't work so set everything back to default).

    I'm out of options, seems as if I tried everything. I am forced to be using Voice Activation.

    Also, when I set my hotkey, and open Options and Begin Microphone Test, my hotkey works fine...just when I try talking in TeamSpeak it doesn't work.

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    And I apologize, as I believe I have fixed it. Some reason, "Voice Activation Detection while using Push-to-Talk" was enabled,

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