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    How can I allow staff to give discipline ranks but not channel admin?

    I've searched and searched for this but I cannot find it, nor can I think of a way to do it. I'm trying to disallow our moderator rank from being able to give themselves channel admin in regular channels. The issue I'm running into is that we have discipline ranks that the moderators use. So, if I allow them to use those ranks they may also give themselves channel admin. But, if I disallow them from giving themselves channel admin, channel admins can give out those ranks. I cannot think of an equal balance that would allow moderators to give the discipline ranks but not channel admin.

    Here are my permissions:

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Name:	2015-03-12_17-05-54.png 
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Name:	2015-03-12_17-06-44.png 
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    Channel Admin
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Name:	2015-03-12_17-07-06.png 
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ID:	12134

    So, to rephrase my (confusing) question: How do I let Moderators give Muted, but not Channel Admin? and How can I disallow Channel Admin from using the Muted rank?
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    This is not possible, when your Moderators have a power of 60 and Channel Admin only needs 50.
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    What you want is indeed not possible.
    You've just hit a limitation of teamspeak3 permission system.

    I've came up with only compromise for similar situation. Assuming that is out of the question.

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