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    Hosting my server is giving me high ping. What can I do?

    Tonight I set up a TeamSpeak server for my team and I spent the rest of the night playing with 200 ping non-stop. I really love TeamSpeak and I think it's great that I can use such an amazing program for free but this is obviously not something I can work with since gameplay comes down to the hundredth of a second.

    What are some of my options? I know I could pay a host fee but I don't want to really shell out the cash and nobody else on my team can run it do to firewalls and connection issues of their own.

    Users: Today we had about 5 (and myself) users in my server but only about 3 talking at a time.
    Internet: 53 Mbps Download and 6.6 Mbps Upload

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I think the main problem is your upload speed. You might have 6.6 Mbps upload, which should be enough for 5 clients basically, but that doesn't mean the server software can use that. I guess that you're hosting the server on your own computer, or a computer somewhere inside the same network? If that is the case, alot of factors are involved.

    Your uplink speed is probably shared throughout your entire network. This means that if a other device (parents / children's pc?) is even sending a POST request to a webserver (posting a form or something), it uses upload. Posting a form can therefor cause small lag spikes in your case. Online gaming also uses some of your upload speed, to send your moved to the server you're connected on.

    This all combined, I think you currently just dont have enough uplink speed for the job (but I might be wrong).

    You said hiring a server is not a option. Maybe ask your teammates to donate a bit every month, so you can rent a server as a team instead of an individual?

    If that is also not a option, I would suggest finding a free to use server, which are plenty of out there. (If you are having a hard time finding one, send me a PM).

    I hoped it helped!

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    Can you recommend any server hosts? I'd be okay with paying a reasonable fee as long as I can still have full control over things like server IP, graphics, passwords and permissions.

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