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    File Browser upload hard limited to 128kbyte/s?


    Are TeamSpeak3 servers hard coded to only allow a max of 128kB/s upload through the file browser?
    I've spoken to a couple other people on the same TeamSpeak server and they're saying that they have the same issue. I've checked the permissions on the upload bandwidth which is -1 and also on the client side, so that couldn't be the issue. Are TeamSpeak servers hard coded to have a maximum of 128kB/s uploaded through it's file browser?

    I'm running the server on Debian-7.3.0_64bit, 256MB RAM, 10GB disk, 100mbps connection. Version


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    This is not hardcoded. Sure others will have the same behavior on the same server, when it is setup like it is.

    That can be a..
    .... server instance setting: serverinstance_max_download_total_bandwidth=184467 44073709551615 , serverinstance_max_upload_total_bandwidth=18446744 073709551615

    ... virtual server setting: virtualserver_max_download_total_bandwidth=1844674 4073709551615 and virtualserver_max_upload_total_bandwidth=184467440 73709551615

    setting on your hoster to set a limit to filetransfers.

    This value of 18446744073709551615 means unlimited (-1 in client GUI) for the ServerQuery Interface
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