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Thread: Dns

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    Sorry, I can't get the meaning with that half translated text for yours.

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    I wanted to ask if it was possible to do this I would do I ..
    Possegno teamspeak 3 server virtualized on my VPS ..
    I wanted to know if I could ip a custom type:

    PS Possengo a site with my dns for ipv4 my vps (Domain .it)

    If you can do it, how do you?

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    I have a domain .it
    With this domain have a dns covering the ipv4 my vps where hostate the teamspeak 3 server
    Can I create a custom dns on my dns covering the ip of my server teamspeak without writing the door?

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    Without writing the door? I guess you will always be able to don't-write-the-door.

    If you mean port, then you can do this by running the teamspeak server on the standard ports. When you enter the IP ( or Domain (ts.domain.tld), it automatically tries to connect the the standard ports.

    To achieve what you're trying to achieve, login onto your registar where you bought the domain. Enter the DNS tools and create a new A record with the name 'ts' and the value the IP of the server. Updating might take up to about 24 hours, but after that it should work flawlessly. If you're not sure how to do this, contact your registar.

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