`Background First, if I refer to user group, group or server group, I mean Server Group and not Channel Group. The issue was just discovered recently after we renamed some of the existing Server Groups. Previously the Default "Temp" group did not have an icon so when we may or may not have added said users to one of the groups we were not paying attention to if they still showed as part of both groups. Now with the default group, which is Temp non permanent per settings, if they are assigned to a permanent group they no longer are part of the "temp" group. This is how Team speak is supposed to work to my knowledge. The Guest Group is not the "temp" group I am talking about and is not the default server group per server settings. We created a Visitor group that mirrors Guest in all aspects minus an icon for the rank. Guest is now a permanet group as well.

So User's 1-5 come in as Visitor, we add them to any other group and they are no longer a member of Visitor.
The issue we are having now is atleast 3 users no matter what group I add them to temp/perm/server admin/etc... they still are apart of the Visitor group. Now because it is a temp group you cant add anyone to said group and it is grayed out by default. This being said lies the issue they are stuck having dual group's when they aren't supposed to.

Please let me know any ideas on how to go about troubleshooting this if I haven't already covered it and possibly help me fix the issue.