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    VPS ts3 server - cant start

    2m ago i had ruinning ts3 server on my VPS ( X.X.X.X : port )
    I had to reinstall OS
    Now when i try to get to start it again i have little problem: when i start script ts3server_startscript with edited command line par: "default_voice_port=port voice_ip=X.X.X.X"
    I got this error:
    unable to bind to network port.
    Thery is no other program running on this port (i used netstat -antup ) i have only apatche server running on other port.

    I will be greatful for any advice.

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    This paramter can be used once and this is when the server instance does start the first time and creates the first virtual server.

    How to change voice port:
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    ok i know that
    But what if i start 1st time with this parameter and it still doesnt work?
    Is it that server must start with default option for 1st time, and only then i can change it with ?

    So assuming it is:
    i started server with default setting, now i want to enter query
    i use ts3server.ini file to change ip and port for query but after that i get same error

    i read and did again instalation of ts3 server, when i put telnet command i can't connect to localhost or the vps ip with port.
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    ok, nvm, fixed, made mistake when entering query

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