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    Teamspeak locking my mouse temporarily in game .... wierd eh?

    Hi All,
    I play Arma 3 quite a lot and have noticed that occasionally TS3 affects my game play. Basically my mouse stops working only for a short time (maybe 1 second). It does not seem to happen at the same time but can vary from anything from every 15 - 60 seconds. The game does not freeze, just my mouse - the lights on my mouse do not go out and there is no USB disconnection noise either

    When TS is off, there are no problems whatsoever. It only happens when TS3 is on. I live in New Zealand, have a fibre connection of (approx) 30mpbs dl, 10 mpbs ul and 5ms ping.

    Dxdiag stuff attached - any suggestions? All drivers are up to date by the way.

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    To add further pain - I did a complete software rebuild yesterday and still the problem persists.

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