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    Max Volume Limiter

    Hello! I've just been getting back into using TS with a clan (has been years!), and spent some time a few weeks ago configuring it. I've also done quite a bit of searching, and think I am posting in the correct place. I have not, to the best of my ability, been able to discover a solution to the problem that I am having.

    TS allows for one to adjust the volume level on a per-user, persistent level, when right clicking on a user in a channel. This is excellent, as it allows me to reduce the volume for those who have louder mic setups (and vice versa), without being the proverbial person who has to annoy people to please stop deep-throating their hot mic, or to speak a little louder.

    That having been said, I cannot seem to find any method baked into TS, nor any TS plugins, that allows me to set a global volume maximum. I think this is an important feature to have for several reasons:

    1. Some users randomly scream, yell, cough, etc., and the volume goes from my adjusted normal volume for that user to ear-piercing levels. As a headphones user, this is quite the unpleasant experience.
    2. Some new members in this rather large clan sometimes do not have their headsets or desk-stand mics available, and use built-in microphones on their laptops, on occasion. These microphones pick up extremely loud clicks when number keys and whatnot that physically reside next to the mics are pressed, especially during an in-game battle.

    Having perused the forums on here, as well as on some other sites, it seems as though I am not the only person to experience issues such as these, which I believe can be remedied by adding a maximum global volume output for the client.

    There could even be a test panel where the user could set this slider as the speakers output a tone at that max level... so, the user will slide the bar until they begin to feel uncomfortable, and then set that as their maximum output for the client. Granted, this will change if they increase their system volume, or other mixers, etc., but then they can readjust accordingly.

    Compared with TS, software such as Google Hangouts and Skype appear to have such limiters in place, although they are not adjustable/exposed to the client.

    Thank you for your time -- looking forward to hearing your responses!
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