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    Server Groups and Join power on specific channel


    I come here asked for help because I really need it!
    To explain the situation to you I have a ts3 server and on this I have created some server groups (6 in total) and I would like some of these groups not to be able to join some channels but despite the few tutorials available on google or on the ts3 forum, when i configure the permissions nothing i want to do works. Could someone please help me?
    If you need more information ask me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and hope you can resolve my problem!
    Thank you!

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    can make ez

    Hi, you can make this!
    You just need define join_power.
    You make a 88(default) group join_power 0
    Other group like 54(user)join_power 20
    Other group 43(Gamers)join_power 30
    Other group 20(Moderator) join_power 40
    Other group 11(Admins)join_power 50

    Configuration of channel (1channel) you put inside "0"
    in this channel can inside groups 88,54,43,20,11

    At channel (2channel) you put inside "20"
    in this channel can inside groups 54,43,20,11

    At channel (3channel) you put inside "20"
    in this channel can inside groups 43,20,11

    At channel (Admin channel)you put inside "50"
    just admin can inside in this channel


    In configuration of cannel you need go to edit channel->advanced->permissions
    in zone common powers required
    The first box is what you want define.
    ins this example i make low leves of rights but you can use others valeu.

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    Also remember to set these groups:
    * b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions to 0 (deselect). Otherwise clients could enter to channel without any permissions needed!

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