I've been using the same version of TS3 for a long time now, and have never had an issue, however in the past few days i'm now unable to connect to a server.

I think it may have been caused by updating my Advanced Systemcare, and re-configging my boost mode which shuts down some background services. But i've undone this, even uninstalled the software, re-installed TS multiple times and rebooted too. I've also installed any outstanding windows updates and done everything imaginable.

The weirdest part is i'll momentarily get a connection, currently i've been trying to see if theres a pattern with this, which means opening every server available on the public server list. But theres no consistancy...just did it and got connected to some, but then I tried to re-connect and it got the same error.

<19:18:37> Trying to connect to server on
<19:18:38> Welcome, be sure to check out our website http://voidresonance.com
<19:18:38> Welcome to the Void Resonance Survival TeamSpeak server.
<19:18:44> Trying to connect to server on
<19:18:49> Failed to connect to server

Really don't understand! How is it my connection can fluctuate so much, even though my internet is working fine.