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    Give users a TS group over the homepage

    i found the same question in german and noone answered, so i try it now

    What i want to know: How can i make it that guests on my TS server can register on the homepage, then enter their ID in a custom field and then they get automated TS3 rights on the server?
    I know this is possible from another TS, but they don't want to tell me how that works.
    Another solution could be that i generate tokens and that they get distributed to people which register on my homepage. I am using WordPress. Maybe you know WordPress too and can tell me a plugin that works down a list so every code gets send just once per registration?

    Thank you

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    If you know PHP you can do it yourself using

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmed View Post

    If you know PHP you can do it yourself using
    Nope, sorry, i am not that experienced with that ;/

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