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    When using an ini file the old ts data are not used.

    Dear Forum,

    we installed a second instance of teamspeak on a root server. We got some issues with the second teamspeak since it cannot transfere icons. Port 30033 is open, but its not possible to use it with both teamspeaks. So we found out, that both servers are not using the ini file since we named it teamspeak.ini.txt. When we now try to use the ini file and restart the server, the teamspeak is as it was at the first start(rightsystem gone, channels gone). So we tried to use the backup sql file and copied it over but it is not changing.

    Do you guys have any idea how i get the ini file working and keeping the old data so i can change the filetransfare port for the second ts instanz?

    Would appriciate some help

    Best regards,

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    Your server (ie: the user the server it is running under) does not seem to have write access to the database or directory where the database is located. Check the permissions and check the log file the server writes.

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