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    Issues with TeamSpeak 3 and OBS while streaming.

    I haven't been able to find a solution to this problem, and I'm not sure where to address the issue so I'm posting this here and the OBS forums as well. I stream on twitch and use TS to chat with the people I am playing with. OBS doesn't seem to have any issue picking up my voice to my stream, but it doesn't seem to want to pick up the other people in my TS channel, occasionally people can hear them on Twitch, but they are extremely quiet. Is there anything on TS3's end that I need to adjust that would allow it to capture everyone in my TS channel? I have tried adjusting individuals voices in TS but that doesn't change anything for me. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    i have also the same issues.. plz answer

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    This has nothing to do with TeamSpeak. We have no feature to stream both channels (input/output). We only allow to record both ito a file.

    You must record/stream the soundcards output and input. Or you need find a plugin that records/streams both.
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    You have 3 inputs:
    - the game or application you want to stream
    - your microphone
    - your Teamspeak voice channel

    OBS only supports 2 inputs, so you have to mix the inputs externally and feed the result to OBS. In the "Guides" Section of the OBS forum are a few guides about audio recording, for example:

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    So, does anyone have a more simpler explanation on how to fix this? I'm using a Turtle Beach headset that has a splitter to allow me to adjust volumes for chat and game/music apps independently so I'm not being deafened by game sounds whilst being able to hear people chatting in Teamspeak, but people then only hear me talking in OBS and not the people talking back to me in Teamspeak.

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