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    February 2014

    [RELEASE] IconPack Default colored Edited - Different mute: Hardware/Local/Disabeled

    This Icon Pack is OBSOLETE from versions >= 3.0.17

    Hey guys, I edited the Default colored 2014 iconpack to differentiate both input and output client muted status - Hardware / Local / Disabeled.

    Name:  2e7e3a7e95acdedca723f92f0c5e90d1.png
Views: 10738
Size:  35.6 KB

    Files changed:

    I know some of you guys were looking after this, hope you like
    All other icons are the same as the Default colored 2014, preview of all iconpack icons here

    Download Here

    This iconpack contains all* other icons from Default colored 2014 made and copyrighted by TeamSpeak Systems.
    I did not create any image, I just edited the files in the original pack, and repacked them with the name "Default colored Edited by ToFran Iconpack"**.
    Files are hosted on my website, if you (teamspeak staff) wish the removal, contact me via any channel and I'll delete them immediately.
    Hope you understand that I'm trying to improve the TeamSpeak experience for some users.

    *the default iconpack is compressed, so other iconpacks cannot access their files, like what I did with Smart TTS.
    **So it wouldn't overlap with any other iconpack previous made.

    Feel free to send any kind of feedback.

    Last edited by ToFran; August 4th, 2015 at 05:14 PM. Reason: update 3.0.17

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    February 2014

    Client Release 3.0.17 04 Aug 2015

    Finally from version 3.0.17 04 Aug 2015 this Icon pack is no longer necessary because teamspeak finally added them (not these ones, some similar with the same purpose).
    So, consider this Icon Pack OBSOLETE

    Thank you TeamSpeak team ,

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