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    debian wheezy TS not starting

    I am running debian wheezy on my vserver (2 Intel vcores and 6 GB RAM)

    I used the runscript from the TeamSpeak Download page to install TeamSpeak, which worked fine. I also installed Gnome software. Now when I try to run the runscript in the client folder screen aborts "can't display" and I get sudden high CPU and RAM usage.

    Why doesn't it work? Can anyone walk me through installation of every component I need?

    I used the commands apt-get install aptitude tasksel and tasksel install gnome-desktop --new-install to install Gnome

    Also I am having trouble with my iPod touch 4G TeamSpeak client, see

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    Is it under the same user as the one that is logged in gnome?
    I don't see why it would happen.
    Is process running afterwards? Maybe window is outside your resolution. Do you have taskbar icon you can click on?

    Version of teamspeak3 client?
    Where you have installed it?(path on filesystem, we might use it later for some commands)

    I'm not using gnome, but on wheezy I can run it fine(putting aside CPU load).
    I'm pretty sure one friend had no issues running teamspeak3 with gnome.

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    I can't send you screenshots as I have only SSH access. All I can send you is my console with things like htop.

    I am not sure what the process is called so I can't tell you. I restart the machine every time afterwards to have it fixed again.

    Latest version to download from the TeamSpeak Download page in amd64 version. (Yes debian is running in amd64 as well).

    I installed it in a sub-folder in my personal user folder in home.

    I installed a system similar to my server as a virtual machine, TeamSpeak runs like Usain Bolt there, I have given 3GB RAM but 4 of 8 CPU threads to it. Only thing different there is that I installed Gnome in first setup.

    How are you running TeamSpeak without Gnome? I have been told it isn't possible?

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    First just a routine check, we are talking about teamspeak3 client correct?

    I've asked you your client version, could you check that one for me?
    That way we can narrow down where your and mine could differ among other things.

    My client runs ok on quite smaller resources, like an install of linux on dualcore(no threads) and 2G of ram or less when I was running other apps before.

    Why do you run client on vserver in first place?
    Is this part of musicbot or something?(suspecting your not giving us full picture of the problem at all)

    What do you mean you can't send me screenshots because you only have SSH? In different sentence you mention you have installed gnome witch is clearly a graphical set of applications. Those and the client when they run there is display somewhere. Of course that is not in ssh terminal...
    You perhaps just don't know that there(and where) is "virtual graphical display" where these show...

    Oke now, Gnome is just WDM. There is quite many others. Some are more lightweight compared to almost all-automated bloated kde/gnome for my needs.
    I'll just say that there are various WDM's that are popular from list on that wikipedia page, but since this is getting to a bit more advanced/geeky perhaps I'll wait for your reply first to save my time.

    Now what do you use as DM? or you just use startx to get into gnome/teamspeak3?
    How do you launch it?(teamspeak3 client)
    ls /etc/init.d/*dm /etc/X11/

    Please check all my questions in beginning. I don't like people that want help and only thing they provide is some/half breadcrumbs to the questions asked.

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    Yes, I am trying to use TeamSpeak 3.

    How do I check?

    I have no threads on the server as well, they are vcores so their performance is variable. I have 6GB RAM but they are used partly by a Minecraft and Multi Theft Auto SA server.

    I want to have a client being AFK in a channel, as it is a temporary channel and I want it to stay alive.

    Sorry, I am pretty new to Linux and stuff, I want to have TeamSpeak displayed through X11 Forwarding, I have xming installed on my Windows PC. For now I only have putty and WinSCP to work with my server.

    Now what do you use as DM? or you just use startx to get into gnome/teamspeak3?
    Sorry, could you please explain in more detail? I am afraid I don't understand really.

    My TeamSpeak startscript contains this code:
    export KDEDIRS=
    export KDEDIR=
    export QTDIR=.
    export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=.
    D1=$(readlink -f "$0")
    D2=$(dirname "${D1}")
    cd "${D2}"
    if [ -e ts3client_linux_x86 ]; then
    	./ts3client_linux_x86 [email protected]
    	./ts3client_linux_amd64 [email protected]
    Running the code you provided returns:
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    (File or Folder not found)

    Thanks for helping me!

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