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    Can't open links from chat TS3 (Win10)

    Hello, is this a known issue ? I'm clicking on links but the default browser is not starting.

    No AV, default browser Chrome
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    Yea its a known issue, and i still have this problem but Team Speak has put "RESOLVED" on most threads on this forum that have described the issue and nothing has been done to fix it...

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    The latest Chrome version (46.0.2490.71) and client version ( on windows 8.1 and 10 open chrome when a URL was clicked.
    Does not matter if chrome was set to old metro design or just desktop mode.

    All without any modification in the registry.
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    Dante696 is right. The new CHrome client works, finally !!!

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    Teamspeak cannot open links with chrome

    I recently did a clean install. It used to work just fine. But now Teamspeak cannot open links in Chrome. It works for windows edge. I am using windows 10.
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