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    Soundbackend files for Android SDK

    Hi, I wish to develop voice communication via the t3 servers in an Android app. Which soundbackend files I should use for Android platform? The t3 sdk version that I am looking at is 3.0.3.


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    I'm facing the same problem.

    I am testing ts3_client sdk integration on android in c# (trough unity3D)
    i am able to connect to a ts3_server, but can't find a way to open a capture or a playback device.

    ts3client_getXXXModeList and ts3client_getXXXDeviceList all return an empty string list

    ts3client_openPlaybackDevice and s3client_openCaptureDevice return a #0911 error : ERROR_sound_unknown_device

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    ts3 client SDK -> c# -> unity3D -> Android... no capture/playback devices


    I am evaluating ts3 client SDK through unity for desktop and android target and actually facing the same problem.

    - I updated the c# example of sdk 3.0.0 to sdk
    - I successfully integrated the sdk client lib in Unity
    - I can compile a client app from unity (pc win and android) and connect them to a ts3 sdk server

    BUT, on android :
    ts3client_getDefaultXXXMode, ts3client_getXXXModeList, ts3client_getDefaultXXXDevice and ts3client_getXXXDeviceList all return empty string result, thus, resulting in error #0911 when trying to open devices with ts3client_openXXXDevice

    I also tried to create a custom device but receive a Fatal Signal 11 (SIGSEGV) on ts3client_registerCustomDevice
    I confirmed my c# wrapper for this function is ok as it work for PC Destop target.

    so my question is :
    what is the way to go to open some capture/playback device on android ?

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