I have been using teamspeak 3 for quite a long while now, without hassle. (On windows 7 64bit)
I recently got a SSD and had to reformat my PC. I downloaded teamspeak 3 again, but since my format I have been having major issues.

Firstly when I connect to a server, it takes quite long to view/load all the channels and even longer to view the users, where this usually takes instantly. I read that this is only a first time problem, but after fully loading the channel and reconnecting it takes just as long. When I click on a channel to join, it also takes a while.

Secondly I have a lot of packet loss (30%+). The packet loss is sometimes only incoming or only outgoing and sometimes both. This makes it impossible to hear my friends/ and for them to hear me.

I know the problem is not with my internet as I have very low ping on game servers and my browsing + download speed is perfect. Even if I use another VOIP program such as steam calls or skype there is no problem at all. Only teamspeak has this problem.

I've tried the 32bit and 64bit version, but it happens with both. I've uninstalled and redownloaded + installed it again, but didn't work.
Please someone help