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    Help: Modifying Channel Permissions AND Permission Modify Power

    I'm a novice TS3 user and have just run into my first problems that I can't figure out from the forums or from google searches.

    Both of these issues deal with problems I am having setting up Server Group Permissions. Note, I am using the Advanced View of the Permission Groups.

    Problem 1: Modifying Channel Permissions for Normal group members.
    Using the Normal group as my template, I made a copy of it for general clan members. Now I wanted to allow our normal members to edit some channels, but not all of them. So under Channel>Modify>Channel Modify Power I set (or kept) the Value at 50. Under the Permissions tab for the channels I want to be edited freely, I set it at 50 and the normal clan members cannot edit the channels (even at a permission level of zero this happens). The information on the permissions tab cannot even be seen for these members and everything else is grayed out.

    Which Group permissions do I need to alter to allow our normal (non-officer) clan members to edit channels set to a Modify Value of 50? Is there a Need category that I am missing? I've tried several combinations with other permissions I thought might be related with no luck.

    Problem 2: Permission Modify Power for Admin level group members.
    I want the lower level Admins to have the power to change channel permission numbers on the channel permissions tab. When these Admins try to change the numbers, even on newly created channels, they get an error message. Now most Admin group permissions were set to 70. I basically copied the Server Admin group and went in there and lowered a bunch of permissions to 70 from 75 (from watching a TutsTeach video on YouTube). Everything seemed great until someone began getting errors when altering permission levels on individual channels. After playing around for hours I noticed if I change the Group>Modify>Permission Modify Power to 75 (up from 70), the error messages go away. I figured it must be conflicting with a Needed Power somewhere, but I can't figure out which one.

    I left it at 75 for the moment, but I would really like to figure this one out as well. The individual channels are set at 70 for modify too. If this helps.
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    Now I try to modify permissions again (problem 2) and I get insufficient permissions message again. This is weird.

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    These problems still perplex me. Anyone out there have any experience with this, or know which permissions are related to each other and might be causing the problem?

    Can permissions on one Server Group affect permissions on another group?

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