Good day,

As of today I'm having a serious packet loss issue.

I checked the connection, here are the speedtest results:
I have always had trouble testing using pingtest on this comp due to lazy treatment of Java by me...

As one would expect, every other internet application works just fine, no lags, no packet loss, only TS has this.
But, I'm having this issue in all 3 servers I connect to (even if I connect to just one).

Pings to my router or google have show stable pings and 0% packet loss.
Of the 3 servers that I connect to usually, only one of them has no packet loss, but has very high pings (the server is in the US and I'm in Israel), the other two show between 15 and 30% packet loss.
It starts low, and keeps climbing.

Connection: 100/3mbps
OS: Win 7 x64
CPU: i7 2600 @ 20~30%
RAM: 32GB @ 1.8Ghz
No new software installed.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,