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    [RELEASE] TS3logAnalyser - Analyse your teamspeak server logs

    I'm (re)-announcing ts3logAnalyser!
    It allows you to analyze your TeamSpeak server logs and generate relevant statistics with it:

    • Who has the most cumulative connection time on the server / Time spent by each user on server
    • Longest connection time for each user
    • First and last seen
    • Most used nicknames
    • Total number of connections
    • No bot required, only ts3 logfiles.
    • And much more!

    A full description of ts3logAnalyser can be found on github.

    Here's the stats page from my server with data generated with this tool:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It works quite well in my tests: Scanned logs from 2014-02-22 until today (2017-05-01).

    If you found this useful leave your opinion

    Original post from 2015 @ pastebin: eNgLFGMS

    I'm developing a Java program to analyse TeamSpeak server logs.
    I have seen some people requesting this and I was really interested in seeing how many time I have spent on my server.

    What it does:
    • Reads multiple log files or an entire folder loaded with them;
    • Stores info about all clients, such as:
      • Most used nickname;
      • cumulative connection time;
      • maximum connection time;
      • number of connections;
      • number of time outs;
    • Outputs a file to easily Analyse in Excel;

    Just run TS3logAnalyser.jar with java and start using it.
    I have included a run.bat for windows users.
    The output file data is separated by tabs, just save it as .txt and open with excel for analysing the data;

    Example output (Google spreadsheets): here

    This is NOT a finished project, expect bugs
    Known bugs:
    • During the daylight savings hour (yes, exactly when the hour changes) connections get a null time;
    • Sometimes maximum connection time may bug, I'm working on that (check the Example output and you will see the 3 top maximums)
    • Some usernames/channel names may interfere the indexing, check PLEASE REPORT them;

    • Add the number of:
      • bans;
      • kicks;
      • permissions assigned;
      • channels created;
    • Option to enable debugging.


    Source available on GitHub
    Last edited by ToFran; May 2nd, 2017 at 10:53 PM. Reason: Released version 2.0

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