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    Assign only specific Groups, outside of Group Assign Power

    We have different channels set up to sort-of be "run" by a few different groups.

    So the channel groups are set up like so

    Group (Necessary Group Add Power : Group Add Power)

    Channel Groups:
    CA (75:60)
    Op (60:50)
    Member (50:0)

    This is on a per-channel basis, of course. CA can grant OP to someone, Op can grant Member to someone.

    We also have a different setup on a server-wide basis.

    Server groups:
    Leader (60:20)
    Leader Chat (20:0)

    Leader Chat is a whisper list target, so it doesn't really do anything special.
    We don't want Ops to be able to grant anyone the Leader group.
    We don't want Leaders to be able to grant Ops (that should only be up to the Channel Admin)
    Those two we can accomplish easily, with the configuration above.

    The problem is, we want Leaders to be able to give themselves the "Leader Chat" group, but we DON'T want Ops to be able to.

    Any ideas, Teamspeak?

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    Lower you "Member Add Power" and "Needed Member Add Power" in all of your channel groups to solve this.
    You should never add higher member add power to channel groups if you don't want that they are be able to assign server groups.
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