I'm running a server with NPL .

Unfortunately my server is shut down.

******.776122|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|  2| stopped
My server is and Dedicated ( 32GB RAM , AMD 4334, Centos).
I use ts3server.ini to set the IP and port.

The strangest thing is that I have two servers, but only on port 9987 has lost all connection is not possible to connect again, the server remains online apparently, but only queris.

The only way to connect the server again is the query , pause the server (9987) and start again. Ready the server in 9987 operates normally. My server off that is in maximum three days online, the server on port 9988 , is online 10 days without any problem.

Sometimes I have to start and stop the server several times for it to work .
****.579093|INFO    |VirtualServer |  2| listening on
****.695999|DEVELOP |VirtualServerBase|  2| After 2 seconds there were still 1Clients connected
****.776122|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|  2| stopped
I use several queris, i have a page that lets you create rooms , etc. but never gave problem.

server vasion ver Linux 64

need the help---