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    February 2012

    Improve Contacts

    Hello everyone

    I have some idea to add groups to contacts. It would be great to divide friends by categories eg.: admins, gamers, rl friends...
    I have a lot contacts and its hard to search if my friend or admin is online.

    The second idea is about to add notification when your contact becomes online. Simply poke/message or sound.


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    May 2014
    Not a bad idea. I too think the contacts could use a revamp, i barely use them.

    Edit: Just had another thought, if you could give titles to the friends, you should also be able to target them as a whisper. So that you can have a conversation between your friends privately if they wanted to. (To create a sub-group amongst themselves)

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    February 2012
    Now I am using dot before nickname for admins but it is not the same :c
    Any respond?

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