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    TeamSpeak 3 Server Hotfix released

    === Server Release 20 apr 2015
     - fixed DDOS amplification vulnerability

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    November 2014

    ServerPermission Problem


    If I remove the b_permission_modify_power_ignore permission from Server Admin group, I can't set on a channel the File Transfer Needed Powers.
    I test it with i_channel_permission_modify_power "999999" Value, but not work.

    But when I set the b_permission_modify_power_ignore "true", I can set all Server Query permission. That is not good, when I create a new group, without Server Query permissions, but true b_permission_modify_power_ignore, because I want edit channels permissions, with the new group, I can add Server Query permissions for the group.

    Please add a new permission for this setting.

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    August 2015
    TeamSpeak 3 Server

    It does not run on Windows XP SP3. Please fix it.

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