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    All sounds stops working randomly while using TS

    So for a few weeks now or a month already this started happening to me.

    All of the sound on my PC would stop working and I think I pinpointed that it is caused by TS. Because when I'm not using TS it never happens.

    So I would use TS for a while with no problems and then randomly (no particular time, sometimes 20 min sometimes an hour or more), all of the sound on my PC would stop working. That includes not hearing people on TS, my mic not working, any music I've been listening in the background, YouTube, any sound really. So I have to restart my PC for it to work again, sometimes I can fix it by logging out and back in as a user. But sometimes it can't even log me out properly so I have to restart.

    This is really annoying. I don't know what to do about it. Anybody have a clue why is this happening?
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    Actually a correction. It may not be cause by TS. Because today it happened without me opening TS. But I did have to restart my PC because of it earlier. Still I don't know what it is but if anyone knows how to solve it or where to go to ask for help?

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