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    More Default Server groups

    When you first Download and/or rent a server you get three main server groups "server Admin" , "Normal", and "Guest". However i thing there should be at least one or two more by default such as "" Admin" , and "Moderator"... The admin has power but not enough to hijack the server the mod has slightly less power then the admin...

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    This can be done form anyone who needs such a setup.
    Also This can be added from the hoster as a template group, so any new server gets such group.
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    DaThrillerKiller, the problem is a server's configuration is a very personalized thing. Lots of contexts a "Moderator" would have no meaning to someone. So that is why the channel and server groups are more generic. However for people who are needing to make more safe admin server groups etc there are video tutorials that teach such things. Here is one:

    It is not always easy to configure permissions, especially for a new-comer to TeamSpeak 3, but videos like these can be invaluable to help people get the hang of it and then they end up with a server that is set up for their specific needs.

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