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    Complete TS noob. Need help setting up TS permissions for a gaming guild please. :)

    First off I would like to say that I have no idea what I am doing. I click buttons. If that doesn't work, I click more buttons. I don't know the difference between Server and Channel groups and I don't know which one overrides the other, but I think this is my main problem. If you need any screenshots of my permissions menu, please just ask.

    So I have a TS3 server through for my Elder Scrolls Online guild. There are several rooms and there are several server/channel groups. Everything is all kinds of messed up concerning the TS permissions. One thing that I will mention is that being that my TS server is through my Enjin website, I can sync website ranks with TS channel groups and only channel groups (not server groups). So I would prefer if everything was through the channel group permissions and not the server group permissions. If that can't be done, please suggest an alternative method.

    Ranks (channel groups) for reference: Matriarch (me, server owner), Hand of Sotha (very trusted members that should have almost all permissions), Centurion/Champion/Speaker ("higher ranked" in the guild, should have basic admin/channel modification permissions), Adept (medium ranked in the guild), Auxiliary (low rank in guild), Novice/guest (very new to guild or not even in guild, should have only basic permissions).

    • Matriarch - (100 Permission Power) Me, server owner. All permissions. (Also there are some permissions I cannot give myself a value of 100... I think it has something to do with Enjin.)
    • Hand of Sotha - (80 Permission Power) Full server admins. Very trusted guild members. Should have permissions to create/edit/delete any channel, grant permissions, move/kick/ban users, blah blah. They should have all permissions they will ever need besides those that can really affect the server such as editing permissions. (Don't want anyone to accidently mess things up like I do. Haha.)
    • Centurion/Champion/Speaker - (60 Permission Power) Basic server admins. Trusted guild members. Should have permissions to create temporary rooms with password, grant Priority Speaker, grant permission to talk, and move/kick/ban users.
    • Adept - (40 Permission Power) Regular guild members. Should have basic permissions. Should have access to certain rooms that Auxiliaries do not.
    • Auxiliary - (20 Permission Power) Regular guild members. Should have basic permissions. Should have access to certain rooms that Guests do not.
    • Novice/Guest - (10 Permission Power) New or non-guild members. Should have basic permissions BUT does not have required permissions to move out of default room without passwords to other rooms.

    Granting a Certain Level of Permissions: So as mentioned above I want me to have all my permissions set to 100 and I want all Hands of Sotha to have their permissions set to 80... But I cannot set most permissions above 75. I believe this is due to me having everything set to 75 originally when I messed with all the permissions. Heck if I know though.

    Password Protect Rooms: We have been having problems with other users hopping into our TS and causing trouble. We do not want to password protect the server because it is technically a public server but we still cannot have these issues popping up all the time. My idea was to lock all rooms but the default one with a password. BUT I do not want to have my regular users have to remember that password. I want to have it set so there are certain rooms that certain members can get to without having to use a password. Kinda like bypassing the password because they have enough permissions to do so.

    Priority Speaker: I cannot figure this out. I have spent hours fiddling with these permissions alone. I want the server admins to be able to assign Priority Speaker.

    Please Help: Soooo reading pages of information only confuses me... a lot... (This is why I don't just look up the manuals. Curse you dyslexia!! Haha.) We can hop on my TS or another TS so we can talk about it. Preferably, I would just like screenshots of a permission menu with everything I need. But that could be asking a lot. Haha.

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    Hi Cyllandra,

    do NOT use Settings values HIGHER than 75 !

    Server Admins have 75 all other Groups have less.

    And all the other Stuff you need you will only need to read the Manual
    Password Protect Rooms search for Join_Power as an little Hint.

    Regards Sargnagel

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