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Thread: Server logs

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    Server logs

    Hi TeamSpeak Supporters,

    We had a minor incident on our teamspeak server last night. Some people complained that someone was whispering and poking them. So now I removed the permissions to whisper and poke. But it seem's difficult for me to prove who did what, since the only thing I can see in the log is when they connected and disconnected - but not when they whisper, poke or the chat logs.

    Is there any way I can enable some kind of chat and "action" log on the server?



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    Nothing of this is logged in the server.
    We do not want to log chats, pokes or voice actions in the server.
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    Log Chat

    Hey guys,

    Been reading through a lot of posts, and can't find any answer for linux servers.
    Running my TS3 Server on Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

    I just want to know if it's possible to log chat, Either in the server chat, or even by a channel basis.
    Don't care about PMs/Pokes/etc.

    Sincerely Lachlan.
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    Servers don't log chat, only clients can do that.
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