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    Lost Grant Permissions

    Hi guys,

    I've tried searching the forums fro my exact problem but I can't really find it, my apologies if I didn't see it.
    Anyway, thing is I've got a teamspeak running on my linux server and I haven't been on it for a while so I don't really know how they did it but here it goes:
    Somehow I've lost my Client Permissions (which had grant permissions for everything) & my Teamspeak admin server group is gone. At this moment, nobody can edit the virtual server password (and other features) or grant it, as the only admin group that could is gone. I can't find a way to give myself grant permissions for everything (like the "edit virtual password") without resetting the entire server.
    Is there a way to give myself client permissions (or another way) to reclaim all the grant permissions without resetting everything?


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    Please readd yourself to the Admin group via ServerQuery
    Or perform a permreset, when your groups are gone.

    FAQ how to reset the password for the Query
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    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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